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"Twenty years
after the epidemic began, the
successes in combatting
HIV/AIDS are alarmingly small."

- Thomas Kirsch-Woik
Kerstin Fahrmann

Moira ChimomboMoira Chimombo
Moira Chimombo is currently Director of Education & Curriculum Development for SAFE.  She has been the major contributing writer to the WHY WAIT? Truth for Youth Educational Programme which now has an eight year curricula.  She has also been involved in training teachers for implementation of the WHY WAIT? curriculum in both Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Lesotho.

Moira is Professor Emeritus of Education at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, where she lectured in the area of Curriculum and Teaching Studies.  She holds an Ed.D in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Teachers’ College, Columbia University, New York.  She has published internationally, particularly on linguistics, applied linguistics and language teaching and learning.  She co-authored The Power of Discourse and the Culture of Democracy. 

She has served as external examiner and curriculum consultant in several southern African countries.  She is a member of the primary and secondary curriculum review panels in Malawi, having served at different times as a consultant on reading, language teaching methods, and cross-curricular AIDS education.

Moira is married and the mother of three children.  Her husband, Steve is retired Professor of English at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, and is one of Malawi’s best known writers. 

Dick DayDick Day
Dick Day is co-founder of Sub-Saharan African Family Enrichment (SAFE), a non-governmental organization registered in Malawi.  He is currently serving as Executive Director of SAFE.  He is series editor of WHY WAIT? Truth for Youth educational program and author of background information.

Formerly, he taught for 12 years at Chancellor College, University of Malawi where he lectured as an Associate Professor in the disciplines of Human Ecology and Family Studies.  He holds two post-graduate degrees: one in Marital and Family Therapy, from Azusa Pacific University and the other in Theology, from Talbot Seminary.  As a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, Dick has spent thousands of hours counseling youth, parents and families.

He has co-authored best selling Christian books: WHY WAIT? What You Need to Know About the Teen Sexuality Crisis and How To Be a Hero To Your Kids; he wascontributing author to the award winning Discipling the Young Person.  Dick has scripted and appeared in numerous films and video productions on the subjects of human development, family, and HIV/AIDS from a Biblical worldview..  He has lectured internationally in over 29 countries, including North America, Latin America, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe and Africa; and has addressed audiences in over 100 college and university campuses.  Dick has served as a consultant to international agencies, governmental agencies and Christian organizations. He has research and written a book on AIDS in Africa.

Dick and his wife, Charlotte have been married 50 years and are the parents of six children and grandparents of 13, great grandparents of one.  The two have conducted Marriage and Family Enrichment Seminars on three continents.  The Days have made Malawi, Africa their home since 1990.

Irene ChalulukaIrene Chaluluka
Irene Chaluluka is currently serving as Acting National Field Coordinator for SAFE.  She acts as the Lead Trainer of Trainers and Teachers (TOTs) for the WHY WAIT? Family Enrichment Educational Programme.  As a TOT since the inception of the WHY WAIT? Educational Programme in Malawi, she has been involved in the training of over 2,000 primary and secondary teachers, heads of schools, principals of colleges, district education officers, pastors and others involved in influencing youth in Malawi, Kenya, and Nigeria.
For twenty-two years, Irene was a primary school teacher, rising to the position of Principal Primary School Teacher.  She has served on the working committee of the Save The Children Fund of Malawi, and as vice patron of Blantyre Young Voices for more than ten years. 

Irene is a member of the board of trustees of Children Promotion Organization in Malawi.  She has carried out research for Banja la Mtsogolo on HIV/AIDS and has established clubs in three districts of Malawi.  She has worked with people living with AIDS in Blantyre and Zomba.  In 1999, she worked as programme officer for Social Environment and Research, an NGO addressing social and advocacy problems.
In 2000, the International “Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women” made Irene an Honouree for significant achievements and contributions to society. 

In 2005, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as a part of “The 1000 Women” who were addressing key issues at the grassroots’ level, from developing countries. Widowed since 1998, she is the mother of four boys and three girls.  She is raising an AIDS orphaned grandchild.



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